What does it mean to see?

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You see, to see is something most are not very familiar with. To me, to see is something more than using your eyes. It is seeing the things that are there but you are not necessarily aware of regularly. To see is to become aware. Its to become aware of the right things and not the wrong. It is to direct your thoughts and use the right thoughts to guide you and not divide you. Awareness is something that I am learning about and as I learn more I want to share my findings with you, the people. An example of the seeing I am talking about can be found in a word. When you speak of a word you not only hear it but you see it. You don’t see it with two eyes but you see it with your brain and your heart. When words create a picture in your mind you are seeing it. There are many ways to see things. The ways we communicate are with words. Word, thoughts, and visions have power. More power than me or others. The prophets, saints, and sages understood this too. Most of us are blinded is some little ways when it comes to seeing. We only see things in the way we have been conditioned to see. We have a very fixed mindset when interpreting data that comes into our brain.


Millennials? Forget Them, Here Comes Gen Z

Let’s face it, there’s so much focus on millennials nowadays and for a good reason. When we think Millennials there’s quite a bit that probably comes to mind, huh?


Millennials make up a big portion of our consumer base and up until now, were the youngest generation in our workforce. According to census.gov Millennials represent about 83.1 Million Americans, leading the previous generation of 75.4 Million Baby Boomers. It makes sense that analysts and forecasters have been tracking and sizing them up to catch a glimpse of what the future could hold for us.

With so much coverage on Millennials, it seems that we might just not be looking far enough into the future. Now don’t get me wrong Millennials are important and we need to have a clear understanding of them, but let us not forget about the tribe right behind them. A generation that is not only larger but a bit more mysterious.

That’s right, Gen Z.


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