With so much coverage on Millennials, it seems that we might just not be looking far enough into the future. Let us not forget about the tribe right behind them. A generation that is not only larger but a bit more mysterious.

Hi I Am Gen Z

My name is Naseem Stanikzy, and I Am Gen Z. I was born in the small college town of Pullman, WA in the year 97. That’s the second year after the “Big Beginning” of what we know as Generation Z. Today, I’m 19 Years young, a student and leader embedded into Today’s workforce. Technology and Human Phycology are my passion, especially as I know our future will deeply depend on it. I currently work sales at a tech start-up called PushPay. (Note: This blog is not associated in any way shape or form with PushPay) Also working towards my bachelor’s degree in Human Centered Design and Engineering at the UW.

Since a young age, I’ve been into pretty much anything tech. You could call me somewhat of a tech geek. A geek with an eye for innovative development particularly when it comes to sustainable long-term growth. I’ve lived around the world and have a broad perspective on both life and the human condition. Having lived in other cultures and societies, as well as growing up in the US, I feel that I’ve gained a certain type of….well zen you could say. A zen for understanding humans, the things we say without saying, and what we just might do next.

Being that Z is the last letter of the alphabet, it can raise some questions, like what next? What kind of change are we going to see as Gen Z’ers enter the workforce? And just who are they? as a tribe, and as a generation? and just what could that mean for all of us?

Well, I Guess You’ll Have To Follow Along To See!